In Focus Coronavirus and Office Infection ? Officeglare blind privat screen protection and personal – by Monitor and Office no With the focus on infections, we all have to protect ourselves from the corona virus in the office as well.

In Focus Coronavirus and Office Infection : mobile anti glare Protection and Sun Protection + privat personal for Office




incl.19% VAT Packaging / freight Germany from 159,– € …….At the moment the 150 cm widths are not office glare protection …where it is neededIn the widths 85 cm / 100 cm / 150 cm with a selectable height up to 160 cm according to your wish

Mobile office glare protection
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In the widths 85 cm/ 100 cm / 150 cm with a selectable height up to 160 cm according to your wish




Standing roller blind incl. anti Infection for Workplace>

In Focus Coronavirus and Office Infection: Mobile Anti Glare Protection and Sun Protection for Office and Officebuilding

We are happy to deliver to any country, because the health problems are the same everywhere. Here we can help guaranteed. Our sun protection blinds / mobile glare sun protection blinds for office buildings, administration buildings, hospitals, university buildings, production facilities and other rooms, specially developed for computer workstations, help to achieve pleasant temperatures in the office and reduce glare by 97% and total energy irradiation by approx. 88%, while maintaining an unobstructed and clear view of the outside world. Many thousands of units are used in industry, e.g. at Bayer in Wuppertal or Leverkusen, Siemens, Thyssen-Krupp in Essen or in Bonn at DHL, Melitta in Minden with special dimensions and fixed hangings in funnel-shaped glass roofs. Our Multirollo ® under the glass roof works fully automatically with counter tension to ensure that the sun protection curtain always remains tight and does not sag! Our mobile sun protection roller blinds and glare protection roller blinds cannot be surpassed in their mode of action by others assigned to this purpose, more is not possible…mobile Sunprotection and antiglare Protection!

Anti Office Infection in Focus Coronavirus

In addition to the cheap sun and glare protection roller blind available here in the shop, we also offer the Multirollo® aluminium standing roller blinds with aluminium guide rails for other requirements such as darkening:

Our pages for the system – mobile sun protection in the office are available for you to check: / / / For Smartfilms :


Officeglare anti-glareblind by Workstation for Office Infection and sunprotection?

What is the difference between Office glare blinds protection and sunprotection in the office?

Office Glare protection and sun protection in the office are terms that are often confused. How can you decide how anti-glare protection and sun protection solutions solve your viewing problem? We try to help here.

Sunprotection and without glare on the screen is healthier

Both glare control and anti-reflection represent possibilities for improving or optimising the legibility of a displayed image or character set in the display. Readability is critical to the optimal performance of any display, and you want visual information to be read clearly, quickly and comfortably (minimal eye strain). Both anti-glare and anti-reflective methods improve readability but address the problem through a variety of mechanisms to address the various causes of reduced readability. This is why we have developed the standing roller blind as a stand roller blind against glare and sunlight. Our standing roller blind as glare protection in the office is personally variable and universally applicable at the window or in front of the window and can be used there privately. Private for the office workplace with display without other employees having less daylight. The screen glare is absolutely necessary for the screen work at the screen workstation according to the valid screen workstation regulation for health reasons, and if it is used privately and personally on the table also as a privacy screen.

Variable glare sun protection on the screen

OfficeGlare anti-glare Blind and no Office Infection protection in the office and sun protection in the office Office Infection as anti-glare blinds Multirollo® deals Office Infection with external sources of reflection from a surface – such as bright sunlight or high ambient light conditions – and their effects on the legibility of the image or information you want to read.

Sun protection on screen

To counteract external reflection and antiglare, we banish around the reflected light from the surface of the screen. Reflection with transparency reduces the coherence of the reflected image, so unwanted resolutions on the screen are no longer focused on the eye. This reduces the amount of interference with the display of the intended image contained in the display and allows the eyes to get used to what would otherwise not be possible at the workstation. Our mobile anti glare blinds protection on the table behind the screen can be used in different ways and can be used universally without disturbing the other person’s cooperation. It also allows a private personal work by the simultaneous protection from behind and from outside.

Glare protection in the office universally usable

The main disadvantage of using diffuse mechanisms to combat external reflection (glare) was that they sacrifice the clarity and resolution of the intended image. Mechanically or chemically structured surfaces – or anti-glare coatings with suspended particles – reduce glare, but often have a significant impact on image resolution and legibility. Although the application is economical, these glare control treatments often become a worse solution to your viewing needs due to compromises in image resolution.

Sun protection in the office

privat screen Anti glare blinds incl. privat screen by office-glare blinds and no Office infection for office is distinguished by its unique ability to prevent reflected light with minimal impact on the clarity and resolution of the displayed image. Our high performance reflectors provide a glare-free surface with superior image resolution at any glare reduction compared to other diffusion glare protection offerings, while remaining far more economical than the fabric or screen mount options available on the market. Our mobile glare protection as stand roller blind behind the screen or at the window or in front of it protects as direct sun protection and glare protection. The roller blind upright is put up in 1 min. or archived again, you need the mobile Office anti-glare blind protection roller blinds only if it is necessary! In addition, the stand roller blind can also be used universally as a anti glare shield ( Blinds ) in the office and as a sun shield in the office or at the window in order to reduce the solar radiation with approx. 88 %.

We can do this with a mobile standing blind on the desk. In the focus infection and office glare protection standing we offer our mobile standing blind / standing blind exclusively, which improves everything together very well. With the standing roller blind we can avoid direct contact with our counterpart and at the same time have the necessary personal glare protection on the screen and privacy protection at a small price. In the focus office work with possible infection is the health in the office, where the Multirollo as a standing blind as a protective roller blind and office glare protection should be in the foreground. Our exclusive standing blind is still available within a few days and helps against glare, infection and the corona virus in the workplace. Office infection is thereby very well decisively reduced. The standing roller blind also known as a protective roller blind provides for the protected private area at the PC This standing roller blind / standing roller blind can be variably set up or archived at any time in approx. 1 minute. Within a few days we can still Translated with (free version)

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